Top 10 Of 2010


Another year is almost behind us and thanks to our dedicated and loyal readers our 3rd successful year bringing you the latest in gadgets, gaming, technology and the bizarre.

We have brought the monkeys in (by monkeys we mean a crafty worded perl script) and have compiled the the most viewed posts here on This list doesn’t just contain posts from 2010, it contains the top ten most viewed posts this year regardless of when they were created.

Without further ado,’s top 10 posts of 2010:

  1. Baffle WiFi Leeches With An Upside-Down-Ternet
  2. Super Genintari – 4 Game Stations In One
  3. Even More Linux Distros That Don’t Suck
  4. WiFi Door Opener
  5. How To Speed Up WordPress With Nginx And WP Super Cache
  6. Hunt Down WiFi Leeches With MoocherHunter
  7. Sega Gen Mobile
  8. DIY: iPod Shuffle Cable
  9. How To: VGA Over Cat-5
  10. Secret Knock Door Lock

Let us know in the comments what were your favorite posts of 2010.

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