AirPlay On Linux


Apple’s AirPlay is a great technology. It lets you stream music and video wirelessly to Apple products like iPods, iPhones and to the Apple TV. It also can be used to stream to Apple approved hardware like speaker docks, AV receivers and stereo systems. The problem with it, like most Apple technology, if your not on the “Apple approved” list your SOL.

The thought of AirPlay being supported in open source software is unheard of, until now. The Totem media player, which installs by default on most Linux distributions, now has an unofficial plugin that will let you stream media via AirPlay.


Clone the git repository

git clone

Move the files you just cloned (make sure you create the appropriate directories if needed)

mv * ~/.local/share/totem/plugins/airplay

That’s it. Start up Totem, enable the plugin and start to enjoy streaming media from any other AirPlay capable device. Now that the open source world has nailed down the AirPlay standard, it shouldn’t be too long before we start to see it supported in things like XBMC or Android.

[Link to Totem AirPlay Plugin]

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  • Barnaby Walters

    Provided this works on ARM, Combine this with the Raspberry Pi and a usb wifi adapter for a cheap version of the Apple TV.

    • Lubomir Georgiev

      thats pretty much my plan! :)

      • Frank

        Looks like there will be some binary builds of xbmc for the Raspberry PI. That should make everyone happy.

  • Mark Johnson

    Really think apple will open airplay up a little more in the future. They are pretty much just restricting their own revenue by not doing so

  • Aman Milwani