Doorbell Control

Do you find that your doorbell system lacks that little bit of luster? Tired of it doing nothing more than ringing when pressed? Hardware hacker Nicholas Skinner felt the same way and decided to do something about it. By using the Synapse RD Engine which is easily scriptable by using Python he took his door [...]

WiFi Door Opener

We have seen our fair share of door opening hacks. Remember the secret knock door lock? That was pretty awesome, but what if I tell you that you can unlock your door from any wifi device? The guys over at Sunlight Labs have done just that. By using a WRT54GL and some creative hacking that [...]

Mixpanel: They like goats, what about you?

There’s only one main component to this site that the site begs from you as soon as you sign up: “So…we like goats, what about you?” Mixpanel quickly asks you your interests and forms an ever-changing tag cloud to quickly find content suited to you. The most important and largely unnoticed feature with mixpanel is [...]