How To: Unlock A DVD Case


Ever purchase a DVD at your local Blockbuster and get home only to find out that the guy behind the counter forgot to remove the locking mechanism off the DVD case? You know that strip of plastic that runs down the side of the opening?

Some of the locking mechanisms used by the big box locations will actually destroy the DVD if you try to pry it open, much like the ink security tags that clothing stores use. Unless you have one of the fancy gizmos at home like they have at the stores your S.O.L.

“The secret is two very powerful magnets. From reading the sales literature for the locks, these magnets are supposedly only available to sooper-seekret authorized personnel. What they don’t tell their customers is that these magnets are also available inside every junk 3.5″ hard disk drive made in the last 15 years. They are part of the head seeking motor.”

Link to How To

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  • sir jorge

    yes! This is going to come in handy, that’s for sure.

  • jim

    wtf i dont get it it says how to unlock but u only get wer to get a magnet

  • gomtha

    This doesn't Help at all!!! how do you open it??? your very vague!!!