F-BOMB Spy Machine


Security researcher Brendan O’Connor has created a tiny machine on the cheap that can be used for all sorts of “spy” like activities.

The F-BOMB (Falling or Ballistically-launched Object that Makes Backdoors) is a PogoPlug mini computer with some flash memory and antennas housed inside a plastic casing. The F-BOMB can be configured to do all sorts of things like send GPS coordinates or look for security vulnerabilities.

Funded by DARPA’s Cyber Fast Track program, this low cost device can be thrown over a wall as an example, and left behind to crack a wifi password. The unit only costs about $40 in parts and is no bigger than a deck of cards, so leaving it behind or losing it isn’t that big a deal.

Since DARPA backed the project, I suspect that this might end up as a military only product, but now that the ideas out there I’m sure we will be seeing all sorts of DIY versions.

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