13 way to get your Facebook account suspended

Having your profile suspended on Facebook seems like it’s more common then it should be. Apparently if you “poke” too many people your a very bad person (not to mention slightly perverted).

Check out this great article on 13 ways you can avoid having your Facebook profile suspended (or even deleted).

Link: 13 Reasons your Facebook account will be disabled

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  • Facebook Are Communist

    I was suspended and this is what i wrote them:

    i have no idea why i was suspended. I got a warning for requesting, what you deem as too many, friendships. Thats what I dont understand. I join groups and have expanded my network of people who have common interest or are interesting. Why would you discourage that in a global society that wants to be connected? Facebook was born out of some desire of a few in comparison to the size now. Well, many people reach out to others and LOVE facebook and LOVE getting new friends. I thought that was what it was all about. Giving people what they want and holding NO boundaries. Control is why people grew tired of big companies. I understand nudity. I understand spam, threats etc. But simply reaching out to someone should NOT be controlled. What is wrong if i want to make contact with EVERYONE in the world? Is it taking too much server space of your or bandwidth if people do that? The world is flat now and wants to be connected and you guys gave the impression that you were for the people. I have met people from all over the world and I LOVE it. What is so different from me physically walking up to a person and starting a conversation. If they dont wanna talk to me they can ignore me. if they do then GREAT. THAT is how Facebook SHOULD be. Groups of people or just individuals should be free to roam all over the world of FAcebook making friendships if they choose. Some people dont. They stick to their close circle of friends and thats it. This is a land of the FREE isnt it? YOu guys are operating like a virtual COmmunist country governing how many friends you can have and how many people you can meet at one time. You says it is annoying to get a request but WHO says that? And how many people complain?? Thats life isnt it? ANYONE has the right to walk up to you and say hi and try to get to know you. You can either do so or ignore them. And Facebook has that option to IGNORE doesnt it? I have yet to hear from anyone I know that gets a lot of requests and it is annoying to them. Perhaps that what you guys think or feel because you are anal and not outgoing and sociable? I dont know. But you are behaving like a virtual COmmunist government and not like a Democracy. You have a world of subscribers who have lives on FAcebook and love ones there and friend, workmates, lovers and acquaintances. It will only be a matter of time when another social networking site arises and doesnt not behave like communists. and people will follow their will and desires.

    I absolutely LOVE FAcebook because I have become connected with people the world over and I want to keep meeting more.

    I ask that you please reconsider your control on this freedom and restore my account.

    Thank you very very much for listening.

    • Pinki

      Your account is definitely not going to be restored with that message. It's natural to be angry, but don't go overboard because it will offend whoever is reading the incoming requests and pleads for their account. You want to be clear and concise about the fact that you have done nothing wrong and offer detailed arguments (you've done so already though), not provoke them about their political views just because you're furious. =.=

  • quizmoney

    i have invite all my friend in school but i got suspended wat should i do

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  • Marie

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WV5ERZH6NTNGNPSIHXCW2VYPMY Cutie

    i am sorry i friended too many people but i am finding people, have a great memory, that i grew up with in mt. airy philly…i was friends with everyone at school…some do not remember me…but at age 59, i remember everyone…it was the time of my life…so, do i send a message first?  to ask them if they want to be my friend again…some of my best friends in childhood have not even friended me back yet…i am having a reunion for my friends in mt. airy and want to get a few more to add to the list…please respond to me at shel1919@yahoo.com or my facebook…so what do i do?  not everyone has a great memory like i do….thanks,shellie zonies jakubiak

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